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Our certified technicians have the skills and knowledge necessary to install and service your air conditioner the right way. Beat the Texas heat with a service call to Air Worth!
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When the temperature drops Air Worth Air Conditioning & Heating is there to service your furnace. We guarantee expert service on all makes and models of heaters.
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Top-Rated Air Conditioning Companies in Keller, TX

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Air Worth Air Conditioning and Heating provides fast and reliable air conditioning repairs, maintenance service and new equipment installations in the Keller area. Since 1994, Air Worth has been providing full-service residential and commercial air conditioning solutions throughout Tarrant County and surrounding areas. We believe in building long lasting relationships with our clients by providing great service through all phases of your comfort system's life cycle.

We believe in building long lasting relationships with our clients by providing great service through all phases of your comfort systems life cycle. Whether you need maintenance to keep your system running great, an emergency repair on the hottest day of the year, or if it is finally time to replace that old air conditioner, Air Worth is just a phone call away. Our certified technicians have the skills and knowledge necessary to install and service your air conditioner the right way. Beat the Texas heat with a service call to Air Worth!

Choose Air Worth For Your Air Conditioning Service

The Air Worth Mission is to have the best team in the industry providing the best service for our clients. We aim to meet and exceed your expectations at every opportunity. Outstanding customer service and workmanship is our paramount goal. We also aspire to offer instruction and advice on how to lower energy costs while improving comfort. Our core beliefs include:

  • Focus on Safety
  • Training Improves Performance
  • Service is Our Strength
  • Honesty
  • Deliver Great Results

Your Trusted Choice for Fast Air Conditioning Repairs in the Keller Area

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At Air Worth Air Conditioning and Heating, we believe that listening to our customers is the key to quickly diagnosing repairs and understanding any additional problems occurring with the system. If you need an AC repair, we can assure you that you will be getting the best possible service. Our range of expertise allows us to work within both residential and commercial buildings of all sizes. With years of practice under our belts, our trained staff can find, diagnose, and fix the problem in record time.

After diagnosing the problem, our technician will explain the needed repairs and provide a price. We'll provide a firm cost for your approval prior to beginning any service. Payment will be required upon completion of repairs unless authorized prior to the service call. The best time to find a problem is always before it causes a major meltdown rather than after.

The following is a list of common problems we see:

  • Leaky Units
  • Broken Components
  • Broken Blowers
  • Low Refrigerant Levels
  • Draining Troubles
  • Broken Condenser Fans

In addition to regular system repairs, we can also help diagnose the cause of problems such as:

  • Hot or Cold Spots
  • Excessive Dust
  • Noisy Equipment
  • Inefficiency Issues

AC Filter Replacement

Air Worth Air Conditioning and Heating stocks filters for most major brands of air conditioners, heaters and heat pumps. Our technicians can quickly and safely remove dirty filters, install new filters and inspect your system for efficiency.

Air Conditioner Maintenance Service

Proper maintenance of air conditioners and heating systems will ensure a comfortable temperature, lower energy bills and increased equipment life expectancy. Filters and coils require regular maintenance to prevent poor air conditioning performance and increased energy consumption.

At Air Worth, we maintain that routine maintenance is far less expensive than repairs or replacement. The increased efficiency gained from proper maintenance will provide an ample return on investment by lowering energy bills and the increased life expectancy of the equipment.

Cooling Check Includes:

  • Check that air filter, blower and evaporator coil are clean
  • Check electrical wiring, components and disconnect
  • Check capacitors
  • Check fan-motor bearings and amp draw
  • Check for normal sequence of operation
  • Check compressor amp draw
  • Check system pressures and temperatures (refrigerant level)
  • Check OD coil and rise if needed
  • Check and blow out primary drain line if serviceable
  • Explain operation to customer

Keller's Leading Air Conditioning System Replacement Service

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We provide replacement equipment and installation services for an array of heating and cooling systems. To ensure the satisfaction of our customers, we use American Standard as our primary brand for replacement equipment. At Air Worth Air Conditioning and Heating, we provide a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on all our work. We want our customers to be informed when comparing our services and pricing to our competition. Our goal is to educate homeowners on equipment efficiency, air filtration and air leakage.

Typically, a system replacement will take 1 work day to install. We will provide floor coverings and remove all trash, debris and old equipment. After start up of the equipment, we will instruct you on what to expect from the new system and how to operate the thermostat.

Split System Products

Due to their quality, reliability and warranty, we are proud to offer American Standard Air Conditioning Split-System products. The term "split-system" is used because the system is split into an outdoor and indoor unit. The air conditioning condenser often goes outside at ground level or on the roof while the air-handler, furnace and evaporator coil is housed inside. Split-systems are the common and versatile systems available for residential heating and cooling. They are also particularly well suited to heating and cooling large spaces.

Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Ductless Mini-Split Systems are used in buildings which do not or cannot have ductwork. These systems are generally used in structures which need to be cooled but no duct work can be used because of the attic size or lack of an attic.

This type of system has an outside condensing unit with copper tubing running to and indoor unit. It is also possible to have multiple indoor units with one outdoor unit. Indoor units can be hung on a wall or mounted in the ceiling. We sell several lines of Mini-Split Systems such as LG and Daiken.

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Whether the air quality in your home has become stuffy or your A/C unit has stopped working completely, give us a call to get our expert opinion about what needs to be done next. We can solve the problem, so you can get back to your regularly scheduled life!

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“I have used Air Worth Air Conditioning and Heating several times in the past. So when it came time to design the system for my new home, they are the only HVAC company I considered. Their team is very knowledgable, but most of all, very helpful and available to answer questions.
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