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Air Worth Heating & Cooling is proud to have been serving Tarrant County and the surrounding areas for 25 years. We believe in building long lasting relationships with our clients by providing great service through all phases of your comfort systems life cycle. Whether you need maintenance to keep your system running great, an emergency repair on the coldest day of the year, or if it is finally time to replace that old system, Air Worth is worthy of your trust.


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Air Worth Heating & Cooling is much more than a HVAC service provider. Aside from our maintenance, repair and replacement services, we also offer complete home performance evaluation services. Our experienced technicians and state-of-the-art equipment allow us to provide you with energy savings, comfort, efficiency and safety. As an authorized American Standard dealer, we also carry a full line of heating and cooling systems which are ready to be installed in your home or business.


The Air Worth Mission is to have the best team in the industry providing the best service for our clients. We aim to meet and exceed your expectations at every opportunity. Outstanding customer service and workmanship is our paramount goal. We also aspire to offer instruction and advice on how to lower energy costs while improving comfort.

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Hot water tank replacement Vancouver

Hot water tank replacement Vancouver

As a homeowner, you depend on your hot water tank to provide you with water for showers, bathing, washing clothes and dishes, and more. When the water tank starts to leak or has a problem, it might be time for hot water tank replacement in Vancouver. It is best to have a professional evaluate the tank and determine your needs. At Pro Gas North Shore, we offer complete hot water tank services, including maintenance, repair, and installation.

Do I Need to Replace My Hot Water Tank?

Manufacturers make water heaters with strong and durable components, so they should last for years. However, there comes a time when the materials wear out, and the unit no longer functions properly. When the water tank starts to leak, it generally means that you need to get a new one. While we can make some repairs, if the tank is worn out, you will likely need to think about buying a replacement. At Pro Gas North Shore, we sell a wide variety of products for hot water tank replacement in Vancouver.

Options for Hot Water Tank Replacement in Vancouver

You have several options for hot water tank replacement in Vancouver. Tankless water heaters are very efficient because they only heat water when you need it. Other names for tankless water heaters are on-demand water heaters and instantaneous water heaters. They take up less space than conventional tanks and provide cleaner water, with significant energy savings. High-efficiency hot water tanks are another choice. They come in various sizes to accommodate your specific needs, including high-use demands. They are efficient and reliable. Some heaters supply heat and provide hot water and are especially useful for large homes. Hydronic heat can heat the house and run showers and the dishwasher at the same time.

Is Hot Water Tank Replacement in Vancouver Affordable?

You can replace your hot water tank for an affordable price. Not only will you get a reasonable price on the unit and installation costs, but you will save money over the life of the unit. New hot water tanks are more efficient than older ones, so you will likely save money on your monthly utility bills. Also, new heaters last longer, so you won’t need to replace the unit for up to 20 years. You will find that the new water heater will also improve the function of your water system and increase the value of your home.

Call Pro Gas North Shore

Whenever you have problems with your water heater, you can count on Pro Gas North Shore to diagnose and make the repair or replacement. We have been providing high-quality services to the Vancouver area for more than 25 years. Our team of professionals arrives on time and provides courteous, friendly, and reliable service. We are proud to ensure complete customer satisfaction for all of our work with a no-quibble guarantee. We have certification, bonding, and insurance. Contact us at Pro Gas North Shore today for all your water tank needs.


Hot water tank replacement Vancouver
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Hot water tank replacement Vancouver

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